Memory Quilt
We can turn any fabric item into a one-of-a-kind memory quilt for you to treasure or give as a gift. Send us grandma's dresses; grandpa's shirts and ties; son's or daughter's baby clothes; prom dresses; etc, etc, etc. Whatever you send, we will transform into a beautiful memory quilt. (We don't simply sew square blocks together - we design a unique quilt based upon the materials you provide, any ideas or special requests from you, and our own artistic abilities). If you have some specific design ideas, we will work with you. We also finish off your quilt with your own personalized quilt label.
$ 300.00

Pillow Sham
This is a sample of our Memory Quilt Pillow Shams. Only $45 each.
$ 45.00

This is a sample of our Memory Quilt Placemat. Only $15 each.
$ 15.00

Lap Quilt
This is a sample of our Memory Lap Quilt.
$ 150.00

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